A Godly Touch


Oh the power of a godly touch. 

Haven’t you known it? The doctor who treated you, the teacher who dried your tears? Was there a hand holding yours at a funeral? Another on your shoulder during a trial? Haven’t we known the power of a godly touch?

Can’t we offer the same? Many of you do.  Some of you have the master touch of the Physician himself.  You use your hands to pray over the sick. If you aren’t touching them personally, your hands are writing letters, making phone calls, baking pies. You’ve learned the power of a touch.

But others of us tend to forget. Our hearts are good; it’s just that our memories are bad. We forget how significant one touch can be. Aren’t we glad Jesus didn’t make the same mistake? Jesus touched the untouchables of the world.  Will you do the same?

By Max Lucado
Used by permission

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