The Healing Power of Colour - by SC Skillman

As I write this post I am still feeling uplifted by the glorious display of life-enhancing colour experienced today at Hampton Court Palace for their Spring 2021 Tulip Festival.

The brilliant colours on display gave joy to all as could be seen from the tourists who were keen to pose for photos in amongst the sea of colour. It was as if they wanted to somehow identify themselves with this vibrant show of beauty.

The bible is full of gardens, used as imagery, and as spiritual metaphors. A garden is used as a place of shelter and shade, and also as a place of protection. Paradise is envisaged as a garden; and Jesus is mistaken for the gardener by Mary, after he has risen from the tomb.

One of my favourite verses in the bible is this from Isaiah 58: "The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail."

The imagery of the tree of life is a vital part of the biblical story, and the symbolism of colour is present throughout - not least in the rainbow that God caused to appear in the heavens after the Flood, and in Joseph's coat of many colours!  Colour is known to have healing properties and I well remember the use of colour in the sensory room in my son's primary school, which was a special school in Warwick. 

Our colour preferences may also be used to give insights into our personality and character. My own favourite colour is purple, which of course has a royal symbolism. What that may prove about me, I dare not say! For those Christians involved in a ministry of dream interpretation, it is considered that dreams in full colour are dreams from God. Dreams that are in black and white are thought to be from the  Enemy.

Whatever we believe, colour has the power to reach into our spirits, and fill us with joy, hope and a fresh sense of the wonder of creation. 

SC Skillman writes psychological, mystery and paranormal fiction and non-fiction. She has published two novels, Mystical Circles and A Passionate Spirit, and followed this with a writers' guide, Perilous Path. Her latest book Paranormal Warwickshire was published by Amberley in November 2020. She has just completed a magical realist novel, and is working on a new book for Amberley, Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire.


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