Words of Hope

Tracy Williamson’s post last April really resonated with me. That she had to hear words of hatred, so vitriolic she lost all hope and nearly lost her life, cut me to the core. How can anyone do that to an adult, let alone a child? But it happens. We all know it happens.

A good friend of mine explained why. Cortisol is nature’s built-in alarm system. It's the body’s main stress hormone and works with your brain to control mood, motivation and fear, whereas oxytocin (the happy hormone) is connected to life-affirming activities. Now, this is the interesting bit; the oxytocin is very short-lived and is removed from the bloodstream within around 5 minutes but the cortisol can hang around for hours!!

I have had to heal over the years, recover from words thrust at me like knives, my child-heart alarmed and confused by my disobedience and deception. Like Tracy and many children like us, I found solace in stories and would lose myself in reading and writing them. 

But don’t you find it fascinating that from a dark experience light can cautiously tiptoe out, grow in confidence and shine? I have a heart for children. I see their beauty, their love for life and their fragile vulnerability. Their need for love, acceptance and affirmation. The way they push the boundaries; cheeky with childish arrogance, even defiant yet with one negative word, they will shrivel and hide under a mask of protection. Yes, I have a heart for children and will write a billion words of light for them. Words of encouragement, words of adventure, words of excitement, words of kindness, words of hope. 

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