A New Prescription


But you try many medicines in vain; there is no healing for you.Jeremiah 46:11

A wise biblical scholar said his doctor put him on high blood pressure medications. The doctor told him his condition was hereditary, and there was no cure. However, to manage it and keep it from endangering his health, he only needed to take a pill each day.

The scholar related it to our human nature. We have inherited pride and sin from Adam. There is no cure on this side of heaven, but we do have a daily remedy for it. Jesus.

I take medicine daily, too. I might skip a day without any horrid ramifications, but if I skip two or three days, my health may be endangered. The same with my spiritual life. If I skip a day of prayer and Bible reading, I can get by. I may be a tad grumpy or negative. But if I go for too long without my “Jesus pill,” I can slip back into my old ways. Look for other things to bring me peace and joy, like comfort food, spending hours watching a TV series, or shopping for what I don’t need.

People self-medicate all the time. Some with alcohol, some with drugs or sex. Others with adrenaline rushes, money, or power. None of those things satisfy the soul. For our chronic human condition, there is only one thing. We need a Savior. He alone can help us manage what life throws at us without raising our “blood pressure.”

Christian, have you taken your medicine today?

Holy Lord, forgive me when I neglect to include you in my daily life. I need your merciful grace to help me control my human nature and its self-fulfilling tendencies. Remind me to take a good dose of your Word each day and allow your Spirit to fill me with your presence in prayer. For you alone can satisfy my soul. Amen.

Ask the Lord to show you where you “self-medicate” apart from his Spirit, and ask him to help you grow deeper in your relationship with him.

By Julie Cosgrove
Used by Permission

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