What Are You Looking For?


So they went and saw where he was staying, and they spent that day with him. It was about four in the afternoon.”  John 1:39

The past week did not go smoothly for me. I was overwhelmed by some unexpected expenses, a cancelled doctor’s appointment I made months ago, and a disputed bank transaction I never came across before. I went to the Lord for support and insight on how to deal with these problems.

I confess my prayers are more focused and passionate when life gets tough. I seek out God time and again, petitioning him for a way out. However, when everything seems to be going well, I can easily lose sight of God as I immerse myself in the joys and comforts of life.

In John 1, Jesus asked the disciple, “What are you looking for?” His questions are always penetrating. Our Lord is probing their hearts again. Jesus wants to know how they see him in their lives. He hopes to discover faith-filled and devoted followers, not believers who prefer him to be nothing more than a problem solver in their lives.

Do we approach prayer as a relationship with Jesus — a relationship with someone we love and who loves us? Our Savior wants us to know him better. He is a problem solver for sure, but Jesus is much more.

He loves and cares for each of us, listens to our deepest thoughts, fills us with words of hope. Stay with Jesus as you would with your closest friend. Let us imitate the disciples and spend a day with him, thanking and praising Jesus for being much more than just a far-off problem fixer in our lives.

Lord, let me see your love and care for me that it draws me to want to come and stay with you. I want to hear your comforting voice in my heart. I know you are faithful, more faithful than even my closest friend. Amen.

Today as either joy or trial enters your life, take time to share it with Jesus in prayer. If you are able, look at your calendar to block out some time this week to spend a more extended time with God in worship, prayer, and Scripture reading.

By Doug Lim
Used by Permission

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