5 Great Christian Children’s Books

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We are a book loving family, especially Christian books.  Before kids I did not realize how many Christian children’s books there are other than children’s Bibles or stories from the Bible. And I have a feeling I am not alone. This is the first of many posts in which I will recommend certain Christian children’s books.

But this is NOT a list of the best books ever, because I have many more I am excited to try!  These are just some of the books that we currently have that I would personally recommend.  Also these are in no particular order, just the order I picked them off the couch.

#1. Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick

This book is inspired by the movie War Room (such a good movie!) and is so great for kids. It teaches children that they do not have to pray in a specific place because God hears them everywhere. It has cute illustrations and verbalizes realistic thoughts of a child. This is a definite read to teach children to pray anywhere at any time.

#2. The Lord Is My Shepherd by Hans Wilhelm

I found this book at a garage sale and it was such a good find! This is a picture book form of Psalm 23 and shows a shepherd taking care of his sheep. This is a great way to teach this Psalm to your kids as well as teach them how God refers to us as His sheep and Jesus as the Good Shepherd. It brings the well-known Psalm to life as we can relate to the sheep in each picture.

#3. Most Of All, Jesus Loves You! by Noel Piper

This book contains one of the most important messages we can tell our children. We love them, their family loves them, and their friends love them, but most of all, Jesus loves them. Every person needs to understand this truth or they will constantly try to feel loved from people or things that will never suffice. This is a short book with a powerful message.

#4. Sidney & Norman a tale of two pigs by Phil Vischer

This book is deep and probably too complex for my 4 and 2 year olds but I read it anyway (I shorten it for now but know that it will be a great book for years to come). It was written by the creator of Veggie Tales so you know it is kid friendly with a good biblical message. This is similar to the parable of the prodigal son (which tells of two broken people loved by their father) in that there are two pigs who live completely differently but both need to hear a specific message from God-both the rule followers and the rule breakers need God. And He loves them both.

#5. The Story of King Jesus by Ben Irwin

If I had to pick my favorite book, this would have to be it. Ben does an incredible job summarizing the entire Bible into one big story in a way for kids to easily understand. Reading a book like this will help children to understand early on how the Bible is not filled with a bunch of random stories but instead will teach how God has always had a plan for His people. It really is a great book because it is biblical and God’s beautiful story. I am so thankful I found it discounted at a book store that was going out of business.


So there we have it. We read and enjoy all of these books in my house. I wouldn’t recommend them to you if I felt they were either unbiblical or not really worth it. I hope you and your kids enjoy these books too! Stay tuned for another list of favorites…just don’t ask me when that’s coming 🙂


The post 5 Great Christian Children’s Books appeared first on Women Devotions.

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