A Season of Celebrations by Sheila Johnson

 As a family and as an individual, recently has been a season of celebrations.

Firstly, I am happy to announce that after nearly a year of struggling with assignments and mostly online lectures at my local university, I have managed to pass my certificate in Critical and Creative Writing at my local university - the first year of an MA course. I have decided to leave it at that. In my mid-sixties, I don't really need too many more qualifications and, to be honest, at times found myself struggling to keep up with the youngsters on the course, especially with the technology! Also my body was feeling my age at times. At least I get to graduate (hopefully) in the autumn with a full gown etc, something I didn't do the first time.

Following this, the start of July has been a big birthday celebration for the old man (actually I'm older than him but let's not mention that!). Great meals, fun and laughter with family and friends. 

The above is a picture of my husband out for a special family meal, and below are our friends and us joining in the celebrations

As writers, we also have things to celebrate, from the launch of a new book, your baby that has taken a while to write and perfect, to winning a competition, or in my case, having a poem chosen to be published in an anthology about the pandemic - When this is all over. 

This anthology can be found on Amazon and all funds go to support a local hospice. Please consider buying it to help the charity. There are lots of other writers in the book from all over the world and the anthology includes both poetry and prose. It can be found at https://www.amazon.co.uk/When-This-Over-Moran-Neil/dp/B096TN8Z6H/  Thanks.

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