Praising God


“Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious!” Psalm 66:2

It isn’t optional whether we’ll praise God or not. God is most worthy of praise, and every Christian, as the recipient of His grace, has been given both the wonderful opportunity and the obligation to praise God daily. Although we have no set of rules governing daily praise and we have no commandment prescribing certain hours to sing or give thanks, the law written on our hearts teaches us that it is right to praise God. The unwritten urgency comes to us with as much force as if it had been recorded on tablets of stone, or handed to us from the top of thundering Sinai.

Yes, it is the Christian’s duty to praise God. It is not only a pleasurable exercise, but it is the absolute obligation of our lives. Don’t think that because you’re going through difficult circumstances that you are free to avoid your duty to your gracious God by choosing not to sing songs of praise. You are bound by His love to bless His name as long as you live, and His praise should continually be on your lips.

You are blessed in order that you may bless Him. “The people I formed for myself,” God declares, so that “they may proclaim my praise.” (Isaiah 43:21) If you do not praise God, you are not bringing forth the fruit which God rightly expects from your hands.

So don’t let your harp just hang on the wall, but take it down, and make music with a grateful heart. Stand up and chant His praise. With every morning’s dawn, lift up your prayers of thanksgiving, and let every setting sun be followed with your song. Overflow with praise! Surround the Earth with an atmosphere of melody, and God Himself will
hear from heaven and gladly accept your song.

Even so I love Thee, and will love, And in Thy praise will sing, Because Thou art my loving God, And my redeeming King.” (St. Francis Xavier)

Question: When is it most difficult for you to praise God, and why?

Originally written by Charles H. Spurgeon,
Updated to modern English by Darren Hewer, 2008.

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