If I take a word by Tracy Williamson

As I sit here staring at my screen I realise It is late.  In one minute it will be midnight and
I need to meet my deadline.  Time is passing and I am late.  What can I write about?  I rack my brains but my mind has been filled with the busyness of returning to normal life after being away leading a conference.  Now in my moment of need, nothing sufficiently weighty comes to mind.  I panic, seeing the hand move inexorably towards my deadline.  I am going to fail, my mind is a blank.  But why does it need to be weighty?  If I just take a word and run with it, what will happen?  What will I create? 

At the beginning when the universe was formless and empty like my mind at this moment, God took a word and spoke it into being.  He said 'Light' and suddenly something that was nothing, became something that was something.  The darkness shattered, nothingness fragmented and flittered away  Light was born.  A word spoken, a substance created, the world changed forever.

If I just take a word, as it comes to me, speak it out and run with it, where will it lead me?  What something will be born out of nothing? What illumination will burst into being? what will change forever? 

Just a word




With Faith

Creating; Life giving, universe forming.

Overhead, on the wall the clock ticks.  'Late' is the word jumping out at me, baring its teeth, trying to bite into my confidence and shred my ability.  Late.  I am late, I am always late; late to get my thoughts together; late to start; late to finish.

Sometimes I feel I am really too late; too late to fulfil what I long to be and to do.  The clock has ticked for too long.  Time passing has become time passed and will soon be time gone. I am too late.  I can feel paralysed by that.  Maybe you do too?

But all I need is a word and add to it another  and then another and suddenly words become phrases, phrases grow and glue themselves to one another, sentences become paragraphs and ideas become concepts. With a tiny, infinitesimal move of the hands, night becomes morning and suddenly hope is born.

It is never too late.

God is within me, the One who brings everything to pass by speaking out a Word at the appointed time and the Word becomes flesh and Light shines its glory. 

It's never too late.  Time may march on but the One who created time lives within me. 

Hope rises like a never ending stream.  Love eternal flowing from within.  My imagination is the mind of Christ within me. He who flung stars into space laughs as I panic and flounder.  Laughs in joy for He knows the riches He has given me that I am yet blind to, the riches of His life, His creativity, His light, the power of His love.

And even as I sigh and think I am too late, He turns my despair to joy.  Because of this late hour, I will see the night become dawn and beautiful, radiant light streak the sky.  Surely the morning always follows the night.  Light conquers the dark and Late becomes Early. In that moment of awareness and illumination, I re-discover my passion - to write to bring the light of new hope.

Its never too late.

Nothing always becomes Something in God's Kingdom

If I take a Word - a world of hope is born. 

Tracy Williamson is lives in Kent sharing a home and itinerant ministry with her great friend Marilyn Baker plus Tracy's Hearing dog, Goldie and Marilyn's Guide dog, Arlo.  When not travelling to lead events Tracy loves meeting with friends, wearing yellow, reading , spicy food and chocolate!  Tracy is currently writing her 9th book. 

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