"If music be the food of love... " Part 1

Speak to one another in psalms,
hymns, and spiritual songs,
singing and making melody
in your heart to the Lord.   



 From my school days the little I retained of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” were the title words. I was reminded of them as our local ACW meeting assignment was to write about “That Tune”.  The Lord has used many songs over the years to touch, reveal and impact my life.

I guess there are ACW members who write songs and believe music is a God-given talent, but when the Holy Spirit anoints it,there is power which brings faith, and knowledge of His love, promises and goodness.  

Charles R Swindoll wrote: “Blow the dust off your tape or CD player and put on some beautiful music around the house. Just watch what happens to the atmosphere when you do this. And don’t forget to sing along and add your own harmony and “special” effects.” 

God’s word is powerful whether we write, read, speak or sing it.  Scripture, I find easier to remember if set to music.  On hearing a few notes that I can associate with a song the Lord will use the lyrics to encourage me.  I recently had three repeating notes, it uplifted my spirit, but with no clue of the words. My husband could win, “Name that Tune," and despite my off-key singing he'll play it to me from  YouTube. On this occasion it was: “He is exalted, the King is exalted on high”.  A 70s/80s song, not sung in years, but obviously anointed as it did reflect my heart.  

I include lyrics of songs in my books to speak to my characters usually those the Lord has used to interact with me, both Christian and secular. Maybe one day I will be able to include a small chip to the cover so readers can fully embrace the scenario by hearing the music. For now I can only hope their interest will be stirred enough to google the song titles from the credit/permission list at the front.

That ACW meeting brought me to consider many tunes I’ve connected with since becoming a Christian in 1972.  First from the Redemption Hymnal: “It is Well with my Soul” brings deep assurance of God’s love, “Oh Happy Day” the joy of knowing Jesus, and of course, “To God be the Glory” my thanksgiving for all He has done.

However, throughout the decades there have been so many new songs that remain tucked away and sometimes rise up to bless me again. “One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord, all the days of my life.  To behold the beauty of the Lord, and to dwell in His temple…” from Psalm 27 is a continual favourite as the words are my heart cry to the Lord.  And I see, be it God’s Word, lyrics from a song birthed from man’s heart to God, and sometimes even a secular song it's good to really hear the words you are singing, if we want to unlock faith, truth and God's love in us.   

More next month…


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