Social Media Flood by Wendy H. Jones

Today is publication day for Creativity Matters: Find Your Passion for Writing, the latest book in my Writing Matters series. However, this is not a self-congratulatory post, much as I would like to be quaffing champagne at seven o'clock in the morning. although I am quite excited and, of course, want people to know about the book.
"Stop wittering," I hear you say, "and get to the point." 
"Bear with me here," I reply. 

This post is about publishing, authors, and working together. My first foray into the world of publishing other authors has been an absolute blast. For, yes, this is the first time I have published other authors, eight of whom are ACW members. That means two thirds of the twelve authors I invited to be part of this book are from the organisation which brings you this blog. This came about because I knew, not only were these authors passionate about the genres in which they write, but are generous with their time and support for others. I also knew this passion would shine through in their enthusiasm for the project and their involvement in it. That is not so say I do not believe other authors would not act in a similar manner - it merely means there are only so many genres about which we can write. 

So, to the title of my post. Just as I gave the authors a few guidelines about the chapters they were writing but gave them freedom to do it in their own unique style, I gave them similar freedom when it came to sharing the news about the book. With thirteen authors - yes, I know I said twelve, I'm the thirteenth in this baker's dozen - the last two weeks when the book was on pre-order have been a veritable storm, or flood, of posts about its publication. I've enjoyed the unique ways in which everyone has posted and given their spin. The excitement shared by the authors has been almost palpable, as has their enthusiasm about how stunning it looks. And it does look stunning especially holding the paperback in your hands. The cover designer, Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics has done a fabulous job. But a book is so much more than it's cover and this one is a veritable Aladdin's Cave of creative passion. Each uniquely written chapter is a testament to the passion the authors feel about writing in their individual genre. It is this passion which has the authors excited abut sharing the news on Social media and which led to the social media flood.

My reason for writing about this is to demonstrate that using social media in such a way is what leads to a buzz about the book. It's what leads to hitting number one in numerous categories. It is what gets readers excited about reading the book. Whatever your genre, you can create a similar buzz. You may be the only author in the book but creating a street team ready to post about your book works just as well. So, my question to you is - what can you do to create a social media flood around your book. 

I will finish by saying, I am excited about the book's publication, as it truly does look stunning and the chapters are powerful. This is a book for you whether new to writing, wanting to start writing, or an established author. If you would like a signed copy you can get one from my website or the ebook links are below. The ebook will be on the pre-order price until midnight on 1st September 2021 when it will revert to full price. 


I would like to thank each and every author in this book for sharing their passion so freely. I also want to congratulate them for supporting the promotion which has led to each one of them becoming International Best-Selling Authors, today. I could not have done this without them. It is working together which bring success, and I will be raising a glass of champagne to them this evening.

I hope all those who buy it will find their own passion for writing. Because every single step about this project has been about passion - passion for writing, passion for supporting others, passion for publishing, and passion for promoting. It's time for you to find your passion and follow your dreams. 

About the Author 
Wendy H Jones is the Amazon #1 international best-selling author of the award winning DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries. Her Young Adult Mystery, The Dagger’s Curse was a finalist in the Woman Alive Readers' Choice Award. She is also The President of the Scottish Association of Writers, an international public speaker, and runs conferences and workshops on writing, motivation and marketing. Wendy is the founder of Crime at the Castle, Scotland’s newest Crime Festival. She is the editor of a Lent Book, published by the Association of Christian Writers and also the editor of the Christmas Anthology from the same publisher. Her first children's book, Bertie the Buffalo, was released in December 2018. Motivation Matters: Revolutionise Your Writing One Creative Step at a Time, was released in May 2019. The Power of Why: Why 23 Women Took the Leap to Start Their Own Business was released on 29th June, 2020. Marketing Matters: Sell More Books was released on 31st July 2020. Bertie Goes to the Worldwide Games will be released on 5th May, 202,  and the third book in the Fergus and Flora Mysteries will be published in 2021. Her new author membership Authorpreneur Accelerator Academy launched in January 2021. Creativity Matters: Find Your Passion for Writing the third book in her Writing Matters Series was published in September 2021.


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