How Do the Ten Commandments Relate to Contemporary Life?

We live in a time of moral crisis in our culture—and in the church as well. Many have lost confidence in God and His Word and dismiss His law as archaic and impractical. In Pathway to Freedom: How God’s Laws Guide Our Lives, author Alistair Begg confronts this problem head-on, walking us through each of the Ten Commandments to show how they remain relevant in the twenty-first century.

The focus of Pathway to Freedom is on the place of the law in the Christian’s life—but Alistair also looks at its place in the courts and culture as well. Learn why the law and love go hand in hand, why Christians should still obey the law even though Christ fulfilled it perfectly, and how to avoid the age-old traps of legalism and license. Discover the threefold use of God’s law, and see how the commandments aren’t shackles of constraint but rather the road to true freedom.

With a full chapter devoted to each commandment, Pathway to Freedom provides a clearer understanding of what God’s law actually encompasses. For example, find out how we break the first commandment (“You shall have no other gods before me”) when we put family relationships, however precious, before God. Or discover how the eighth commandment doesn’t just apply to stealing money or possessions; we can also be guilty of stealing a person’s time or reputation!

While having our sinful nature revealed may be painfully convicting, each chapter also reminds us of the pathway to freedom that God has provided. Alistair explains that the Ten Commandments aren’t intended to be a ladder we climb to earn God’s acceptance. Instead, they’re meant to be a mirror that exposes our sin and sends us to Christ, the one who offers forgiveness, freedom, and hope. In the final chapter, Alistair even provides a clear explanation of the Gospel to reach out to unbelievers and to reassure those of us who may be tempted to despair over failed efforts.

Drawing from Scripture and hymns as well as Puritan and other trustworthy sources, Alistair demonstrates how the Ten Commandments continue to give us order, direction, and hope in an increasingly confused world. Discover why God’s ancient code of conduct is, in fact, the pathway to freedom!

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