It's Not All Up to You

Do you ever lie awake at night stressing about the million things you feel responsible for? I do.

Sometimes I would get a lot better rest if I could just remember that God is bigger than I am, and that he can provide what is needed even when I'm personally maxed out.

That's why I loved the recent interview our friend Alita Reynolds at Women of Faith did with Dallas Jenkins, creator of the wildly popular show The Chosen.

On the clip above (which you can watch on Women of Faith's Instagram), Dallas says when his time comes, this is what he would want on his epitaph:

"It wasn't his job to feed the 5,000. It was only to provide the loaves and the fish."

So true. And such a relief.

The fact is, NONE of us is God. And that's actually really good news. Because it means we are only responsible for what he asks us to do, and he is responsible for the results.

Can I get an amen?


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