My thoughts on ACW's latest publication, 'Write Well' by Annmarie Miles

 As I write, I am surrounded by piles of copies of ACW's new book, "Write Well - a handbook for Christian Writers.' If you were at the launch in London on the 9th of October, I trust like me, you had a wonderful time there. Meeting face to face with ACW friends was long overdue, and such a blessing. 

I joined the committee when the book was still being compiled. It was not yet the beautiful finished product I see around me. It was a series of emails, and phone conversations, proof versions and cover ideas. If you've published, you'll remember that stage of your book's development. The tweaking, the checking, the double checking and finally releasing it for print and to the world. Now imagine that with 50 different contributors! That was the mammoth task, compiler/editor Amy Scott Robinson, editors Jane Brocklehurst, Rosemary Johnson, Jane Walters, and publishers Instant Apostle completed. 

As well as being a resource filled with advice and encouragement from industry experts, it also contains a range of pieces about ACW's 50 year history, from members 'old' and new. 

But I dare to say it is also a metaphor for ACW itself. 

It is the culmination of hours of unseen work

It contains a range of writing styles and voices

It was put together with love, care and commitment to excellence

It is a resource that will stand the test of time

It is a testimony to God's grace and mercy to Christian writers and Christian writing

Whatever it achieves, the glory belongs to him!

If you haven't got yourself a copy, you can email me I'll tell you how you can make payment and I'll get it into the post to you asap.
It'll be £11.98 (inc p&p) well spent :) 

This is just one of the ways we'll be celebrating ACW's 50th  birthday. The committee are already working hard on plans for our Jubilee weekend in June 2022. Make sure to book your place...

Annmarie Miles is from Dublin, Ireland.
She lives with her husband Richard who is a pastor in the Eastern Valley of Gwent, in South Wales.
She writes short stories, magazine articles, devotional pieces for Christian radio, and blogs about her faith at She is a lover of all things social media and offers help, in the guise of Sunflower Tech Wales to beginners who want to get started. You can find out about her fiction and her podcast, Words, Wobbles and Wisdom, here

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