Writing Days by Allison Symes

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 It was wonderful being back in London for an in-person ACW Writers’ Day on 9th October. It was great to be face-to-face with ACW members again.
I find days like this, and events on Zoom, uplifting and boost my writing, but there are ways to re-create some of that effect at home.

Carve out time to write and guard it. Plan in advance how to use that time. You’ll get more done and that boosts productivity and confidence building. Never worry if you have ten minutes and that’s it. You can draft a flash story or the opening for a longer work. 

Sometimes I use pockets of time to brainstorm ideas for future story/blog post ideas. It’s never wasted time because when I do have longer at my desk, I can go to my notebook, pick an idea I like, and get on with it. The “brain work” of coming out with the idea has been done and I’m not writing “cold”.

Treat yourself to a new book, fiction or otherwise (and a good place to browse is the ACW website bookshop). You’ll be inspired by what you read. Also if you pick up a well written how-to book, you will buzz with ideas long before you finish reading it. I find that always happens when I read books like that.

Take part in a writing group. This can be online as well as in person. Support from other writers is important and you can give support to others too. Not only will that be appreciated by them, it helps you. How? I’ve found it reassuring I do have useful advice I can share especially when that monster, Imposter Syndrome, strikes again (and it does for many of us).

Enjoy what you write. You are your own first reader. It doesn’t mean writing will always be fun. Sometimes it is a slog. Nor should you be blind to your writing faults. (I always overwrite and must cut back). 

But you should get some pleasure when you’re creating your stories, books, non-fiction work etc. The enjoyment of the process of writing and editing (yes, really) can generate a “buzz” for you. The editing side is where I know my story or blog post will improve which is why I enjoy this. I am relieved when I get the first draft down. I’ve got something to work with then.

Whether you can get to a day or not, think of ways to give your writing an “uplift”. We all need that and often it is small tweaks which will make a big difference. 
I now plan out my writing over a week rather than from day to day. I know some days are busier than others and I won’t get  as much writing done as I would like but I have learned to make the best of what I do have. That pays off in the long run. You’re putting every moment you can write to good use.

Happy writing!

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