Do Not Read This Devotional If…

If you think that a devotional can be a replacement for Bible reading and prayer, you may be surprised by Alistair Begg’s advice regarding his brand-new book: don’t read it! Truth For Life: 365 Daily Devotions is not for those looking to replace Bible reading. But if you want to supplement, or maybe even revive, your Bible reading and prayer with daily insights that will take you deeper into God’s Word, it will make an excellent companion.

Alistair recently sat down with radio and podcast host Bob Lepine to talk about this new book, along with the devotional life of the Christian in general. It’s an enriching half-hour conversation that covers some of Alistair’s personal devotional journey, healthy spiritual habits, tips for getting back on track, and the benefits of a devotional book like Truth For Life. If you’re ready to give your spiritual life a boost, then listen in on the conversation, and consider picking up a copy of the book. Perhaps the Lord will be pleased to use both to draw you deeper into His truth.


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