I chose to go live in a homeless shelter in downtown New York. Featuring Joe Battaglia

Joe Battaglia’s experience in a homeless shelter cultivated a lifetime of compassion for others.  As Joe shared this well-remembered experience from so long ago, my heart changed forever.  Please do yourself a favor and listen to Joe’s life-changing project. A project that provided him an opportunity to truly understand how people who find themselves in a homeless shelter feel about themselves.     Jesus felt great compassion too.  We learn from Jesus and the compassion He had for the thousands who gathered to hear Him. The disciples were motivated by convenience to instruct the crowd to start making their way to the surrounding countryside and villages to find food and shelter.  The disciples felt the masses needed to fend for themselves.   What did Jesus do though?  He was moved by compassion.  Compassion moved Jesus to action, to accept responsibility to serve the good of others.   My question to you is this:  Are you more like the disciples in this story or do you desire to be more like Jesus?   Compassion empowers you to live your life with passion. Joe has chosen to be more like Jesus.  His experience from so long ago impacted him and guided him to cultivate compassion.  I’m inspired by Joe Battaglia and I know you will be as well.  Listen to our entire episode together for more wisdom and insight from this Godly man.  http://dlvr.it/SCf0lP

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