Study the Ten Commandments in the New Year

Pathway to Freedom

We live at a time when many view the Ten Commandments as outdated and irrelevant to contemporary life. But God’s law is timeless, and our response to His instruction is of eternal significance.

As you look ahead to the new year, consider making an in-depth study of the Ten Commandments a priority for your small group or your own individual quiet time. In Pathway to Freedom: How God’s Laws Guide Our Lives, Alistair Begg explores each of the Ten Commandments to examine what obedience truly looks like and how each commandment relates to life in the twenty-first century. You’ll realize that idol worship is alive and thriving in our materialistic culture and that God’s holy day isn’t meant to be a holiday.

Pathway to Freedom Study Guide and USBThis study includes twelve audio messages on a USB drive paired with a twelve-part corresponding study guide. You and your study group can listen to one message at a time, then use the study guide to direct your discussion and prompt individual reflection. Together, you’ll learn that the Ten Commandments are as relevant to life today as they were when God first gave them to His people. You’ll also discover that God’s law is not a ladder to climb to find acceptance with God but rather a mirror that exposes our sin and our need for a Savior.

Make the Ten Commandments a twelve-week-long topic to unpack in 2022. And if you lead a group of young adults or college students, this study is highly recommended to help young people navigate the pushback they may face in a secular society.

Order the USB for $5 along with the corresponding study guide for $2 here. Or download all twelve messages for free here and print the study guide PDF for free here.

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