Have you ever felt rejected?

Hey there! 

Today we approach a subject we all wish we would never have to endure.  Or do we?  

Have you ever felt rejected?  I know I have. It hurt. It wasn’t easy to move forward because of the pain it created in my life. I felt as though I had been thrown away and had no value. 

And yet I had no choice but to find ways to overcome the struggle from being rejected.  And so can you! 

My friend, Tracey Mitchell, was on the Women of Faith Show with me recently.  Her perspective of how to view this sensitive subject is so wise! She says, “Rejection is life’s golden opportunity!”  And she continues, “Why would you want to drag someone into your future who’s not capable of handling your NOW?”

Here is the bottom line. When you endure rejection from someone who is not meant to be in your future, then the pain of rejection becomes such an opportunity for your future! 

When I look back at that very difficult time of my life, I am thankful for it. I would not be where I am today without it!  

Allow me to reassure you, my Friend. Just because someone withholds love or rejects you does not mean everyone will reject you.  God will ALWAYS listen to you and will NEVER withhold His love from you. 

I'm wildly cheering you,



Alita Reynolds

President, Women of Faith

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