My Graduation Part 2 by Sheila Johnson

 No, this is not a Christmas post but there is still about a fortnight to go!

I thought I would fill you in with what happened on my graduation day. The weather was perfect for November. A lovely sunny day and as the event was held at our local racecourse, there was plenty of scope for good photographs.

It turned out that I was the only student graduating with the post graduate certificate rather than the full MA degree but it was still a pleasure to sit among my colleagues and take this graduation as the one that covered my first degree (with no ceremony) and my post graduate journalism diploma (no ceremony). At last in my mid sixties I could finally have my graduation. It was lovely to have my oldest son and my husband in attendance, strange to be the one now on the stage after following my sons graduations and my husband's management certificate and various honours. 

With it being Covid times, there was no shaking of hands but merely a polite bow to the University's representative, Sir Henry Elwes, who I believe is related to the Queen. It was great to be sent a stage clip of this moment later, as at the time I felt so shell shocked I remembered nothing. Comforting to see that I hadn't disgraced myself!

It is certainly a day I will treasure, full of great memories. Writing is a journey. What key moments stand out for you in your career?

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