Pray with the Passion of the Puritans in the New Year

As one of our primary means of communicating with God, prayer is fundamental to Christian life. So why would we settle for dull, lifeless prayers—or worse, no prayer at all? Jumpstart your prayer life by praying through the prayers in Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans. Puritan prayers were neither casual nor perfunctory; they were passionate pleas and eloquent praises to a merciful, sovereign God. Piercing Heaven is a collection of hundreds of carefully selected prayers written by thirty-two Puritan writers, including Richard Baxter, John Owen, and John Bunyan, to name a few. There are prayers to help you start your day, end your day, or just get through the day. The prayers are organized under various topics such as “Teach Me to Pray,” “Help Me through My Doubts,” or “Help Me Give the Gospel to Others.” You’ll find prayers to help you through times of suffering and sadness, to help you resist temptation, or to simply praise and thank the Lord. The intent of Piercing Heaven is to introduce God-exalting, faith-filled examples of Puritan prayer to twenty-first century Christians. The prayers’ language has been updated and modernized to make them more approachable and less formal. Also, because the Puritans understood the value of praying God’s Word back to Him, many of their prayers recall the Lord’s promises, commands, and other Scripture verses. As you read through each prayer, you’ll be reminded of God’s faithfulness, holiness, and mercy. This gold-embossed hardcover book is perfect for gifting to others or to your church library. The prayers in Piercing Heaven are beneficial for personal or family use and also for use in public.

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