We Gotta Have More Under The Hood...

It was super insightful to talk with Bethany Murdock a few weeks ago as we discussed some of her difficult trials in life. We talked through how to live in victory with Jesus as we walk through difficult seasons.
As a Life Coach, she shares some encouraging words in the show. 

If you are looking to help a loved one walking through a trial of a lifetime, here are some thoughts to share with them.

“Say what you do know about God. 

You could say something like… I know He is faithful. 

I know you are going to come through this. 

I know it feels like there is no way out and things will never be the same but I promise you, Jesus will help you get through this.  I am going to be here no matter what it looks like…”

Listen in to the entire show to hear more from Bethany! You will be thankful to hear her wisdom.

To watch the entire episode, go to https://liftable.tv/womenoffaith-SHOW/

For more resources on topics discussed, visit https://www.womenoffaith.com


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