Explore God’s Plan for Women Described in Scripture; Read ‘Women and God’

What the Bible tells us about how and why God created women isn’t always in line with contemporary views. So what exactly does Scripture say about God’s role for women, and how does that translate to life today? Women and God: Hard Questions, Beautiful Truth surveys Scripture to address tough questions about women in today’s postmodern culture, helping us understand the purpose for which women were truly created.

This book is more than an overview of women’s roles in church, marriage, and family. Women and God will take you through a sweep of Scripture to examine God’s goodness to women. The author unpacks the opening chapters of Genesis in depth to explain how and why Eve was created and how God’s design for women fulfills His overarching plan for all of humanity. Women and God also examines some of the darker days for women described in Deuteronomy and Judges. When you read the book, you’ll learn to view the distorted and sinful patriarchal systems of the Old Testament with a balance of reasoning and compassion. You’ll also learn that God’s redemptive purposes in even the darkest parts of the Bible are sometimes meant to describe the culture of the time and not necessarily to tell us how we should live our lives today.

The book is sensitive to the wounds abuse and sexism can create while repeatedly showing us how God is always the hero of the story: He defends women and helps them to understand their identity, their worth, and their responsibility, as well as clearly stating His expectations for male leadership and accountability. In the face of a world that can be hostile to God’s design for gender, Women and God will show you how God’s plan for male and female roles is intended to bring us unity in our shared and equal service to Him.

Women and God is not written solely for a female audience but offers insights about the role God gave uniquely to women in a way that will benefit both male and female readers.

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