Resting in the Lord...2


Therefore, while the promise of entering his
rest still stands, let us fear lest any of you
should seem to have failed to reach it. For
good news came to us just as to them,
but the message they heard did not
benefit them, because they were not united
by faith with those who listened. For we
who have believed enter that rest…

                                               Hebrews 4:1-4


When you read this, I had hoped to catch up with the sun on a cruise around the Greek islands, and in Crete visit Spinalonga an island where people with leprosy were sent until 1960s and takes centre stage in Victoria Hislop’s book 'The Island'.  Unfortunately, due to an infected seroma we had no choice but to cancel, but I will get there one day for the story was imbedded with truth that brought the wish to visit there. I am sure we all aim to write books that inspire people, stick in their minds and give them a  desire to delve deeper, but to have any effect on peoples' lives there are so many barriers to overcome, and it would seem, as writers' we need divine intervention to draw our books out from the many thousands published each week.   

In our Life Group we are being asked to talk about our Ebenezers, those memorial stones of God’s intervention in our lives. I thought to make a list, and it became a good exercise for it revealed how the Lord and His Presence is always with us.

I was asked recently, “What is the Lord saying to you in these days?”  With seeing many of God’s people under attack, physically, mentally, spiritually, I believe He is saying that the enemy desires to distract us by trials, traps and temptation to unbelief.   Paul in 2 Cor.4:17-18 puts those in context, and whatever we face we need to put before Him, where He will release His peace and ability to rest in Him. I believe in that simple act of faith our latter years will, with Him, be greater than our former ones. And the testimony of His faithfulness in the books we write will be used to bring in that harvest of souls we have waited so long to see.

It is good to know His specific call on your life. I have two, both of which I enjoy. In talking to the Lord there is rest, and from that Holy Spirit leads me to intercede on behalf of others, be it individual, national, or international. With a specific assignment, I wait to be tuned into the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to guide me, it is then the words flow from my mouth, often encapsulated in a relevant scripture.

The second call is writing. What a joy to rest in His company and be taken on a journey which gives me opportunity to include extracts of my life in Him. For ten years I wrote a blog entitled, “Adventures into the Supernatural” until I sensed that assignment was over in September 2018.  I did add one in January 2022, but have no call to continue it.  However, during lockdown I was inspired to write a daily story entitled, ‘Food for Thought’. The final set of 40 days it was about food, with shared recipes, tips, and a daily budget of £3.00 per person.  Today, I know my main writing assignment is to finish the Hearts Desire Series based on Psalm 37. Book 5 continues, and Book 6 except for the identity of the main character, and true to our lives, always remains a mystery until I get started.  

I would have loved to join the WOW weekend, meet many of my fellow bloggers, but with so many medical interventions this year, and more to come it's just a journey too far.  As the years go by, I wonder if I am now one of the longest members for ACW having joined in the 1990's.


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