Raise an Ebenezer

                                    "Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen,and 

                                     he named it Ebenezer saying, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.”

                                                                                                                           1 Samuel 7:12 


Jacob at Bethel set up a memorial stone saying, “Surely the Lord is in this place". Joshua instructed the Israelites to take stones from the Jordan to mark their entrance into the Promised Land.  Over centuries monuments have been raised up of people who have played an important part in our history.  There are many plaques and monuments of our Queen’s visits over her long reign and one day I am sure there will be a statue in a prominent place to honour her.

 Last month in our Life Group each of us were asked to speak about the memorial stones of God’s intervention in our lives.  Salvation being their first.  It being my Golden Jubilee as well as ACW's I saw so many instances of God's intervention in my life. It was an exercise I would recommend. Once I began writing them down it opened up so many more instances bringing me to joke, "I could build a house with mine!"  However, I honed it down to the main cornerstones that changed my life, not just those that egged me on!  And for those who were fortunate to go on the ACW Weekend, it sounds as if many of you had a memorial stone(s) which may have included a divine appointment, encouraging word, or even a new perspective of life from standing in the cold at midnight due to a fire alarm!! 

I started writing this three weeks ago, and in finding the above picture I felt it couldn't have been more apt. This will be a national and modern day monument as a witness of the goodness of God. The Eternal Wall is to be built in the centre of our land, where two motorways meet and is on the flight path into Birmingham Airport.  What better way to honour Him with each of the million bricks representing an answered prayer which in future others will be able to access on their internet devices, either as they pass by, or on site at the visitor centre.

The Lord in His love has given us a gift, and I can’t think of a better way of using that to write a testimony of his help provision and protection in our times of need.  I imagine as Christian writers we all want to leave a legacy from our lives, just as Paul, Peter, James etc, who centuries ago, in writing letters of encouragement, still speak into ours today.  It costs nothing, but your time to write 500 words or less, and you can submit one or many at this link. https://www.eternalwall.org.uk/testimony 

And with one of those God-incidences the breaking news at the weekend was four million pounds has been made available to match fund donations into the Eternal Walls project, so the timing of this post feels ordained by the Lord.. I just love it when He brings things together. 

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