The Call of a Loving Father

In 2 Corinthians 6:16-18 we read some of the most intimate, caring, and loving aspects of our relationship with God our Father. Here, our Father calls us out of darkness to come into His light; He calls us out of uncleanness to come into His purity; He calls us out of the yoke of bondage to come into His rest; He calls us out of lawlessness to come into His righteousness; He calls us out of idolatry to come into His presence; He calls us out of Satan’s domain to come into union with His Son.

When we respond to His call upon our lives we remove our hands from all that would defile and our feet from all that would mislead. Instead, we touch mercy and grace, we seek all that is pure and holy, and we follow all that is true and good.

Hear the call of your loving Father:

I will dwell in you — the Father abides in you.
I will walk with you — the Father goes with you.
I will be your God — the Father provides for you.
You shall be mine — the Father claims you.
I will welcome you — the Father receives you.
I will be a Father to you — the Father nurtures you.
You shall be a son to Me — the Father calls you His own.
You shall be a daughter to Me — the Father calls you His own.

By Roy Lessin
Used by Permission

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