First draft chaos


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

So I'm 8,072 words in on You can call me Mother, my first ever novel, and I feel this picture sums it up well.

Or maybe I'm being a bit harsh on myself. Its not total chaos, but as I write the words down, I can't help thinking 'will this work' and 'boy, this is going to take a ton of research if I go down this route', but also I need to remind myself that I just need to get it all out. This is the first draft, and the finished product may end up very different. 

But I need to have begun somewhere.

 With nothing, I can't go anywhere, but with something,  even if I'm like 'what?' I can go on a journey . And that's what I've been on over the past two weeks - well to be more precise, I've been in Slovakia, and an amazing time it has being, but more on that another day, because I write this on the 8th September - a day that will be forever etched our memories as the day that our beloved Queen and sister in Christ, Elizabeth, has died. Reunited with her beloved husband, and to meet at last her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I never got to meet her on earth, but she'll be one of many who I'll be looking forward to meeting when I join her in heaven, when it's my time to go home. 

Let me know of the challenges you've had with first drafts, and I'd love to hear of any memories that you may have of meeting the Queen. 

Martin is a writer, baker, photographer and storyteller. He's been published in the ACW Christmas anthology and Lent devotional. He's currently honing his craft at flash fiction and you can find him on Twitter here. 

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