Not Even a Little Bit

“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.’” Matthew 28:18

Matthew 28:18-19 is a very familiar passage – it’s the one about going and making disciples. Recently I heard a sermon on the twelve words Jesus says before he gives the Great Commission and it is still resonating with me.

If we read that passage in the New Living Translation it says, “Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.’” (In some translations it says “power” instead of “authority”.) When my pastor was preaching he pointed out that if ALL authority has been given to God then Satan has zero authority.

I’ve always thought that Satan has less power than God, but still some power. But as this verse explains, Satan doesn’t have any power. He has none. ZERO. He can’t have any authority because it was all given to God.

Satan doesn’t have any authority, the only thing he has is lies. But we need to be careful because those lies can be very powerful. They come in a variety of ways.

•    He attacks our identity: My work doesn’t matter. I’m a screw up
•    He attacks our abilities: I could never do that
•    He attacks our attitude: I don’t have to forgive her, do you know what she   did to   me?
•    He even lies about the way we see God: God has forgotten me. God could never forgive that.

It doesn’t matter that the lies aren’t true because when we listen to them we live as if they are true. We give them power. We make choices based on false information.

My pastor went on to say something that has really stuck we me. He said, “You can’t fight thoughts with thoughts. You have to fight thoughts with words.” When Satan is whispering lies into our heads we need to fight back with words, and words of scripture are particularly effective. Instead of listening to the lie and agreeing with it in your heart, speak the truth of scripture. Focus your heart and mind on what God says and you’ll see the lie for the garbage that it is.

For each of us there is one lie in particular that Satan always hits us with when we’re down. It’s important to identify that lie so you can guard against it. What is the lie that Satan tells you? You’ll probably find that it’s related to your deepest insecurity or your darkest secret. Satan doesn’t mess around; he goes for the jugular.

Think about it over the next few days. What is the worst lie Satan tells you and which Scripture can you speak against it? Write that verse out and keep it close by so you’ll have it when you need it. That way you’ll be ready to fight back the next time Satan comes whispering.

Satan doesn’t have ANY power, not even a little bit. Isn’t that wonderful news? Lies are all he has. But when we speak the truth in the face of those false whispers, not even his lies can hurt us.

Father, Teach me to guard my heart. Help me to learn the difference between your quiet voice of conviction and Satan’s lies that tell me I am unlovable, or a failure, or not enough. Give me the courage to speak Your truth in the face of these baseless lies. Remind me that my worth, my value, my redemption and my eternity are in Your hands and Satan cannot touch that, not with all the lies in the world. I am so glad that all authority, all power was given to You. Help me to remember that he doesn’t have any. Not even a little bit. Amen

Questions: What is the lie that Satan tells you? What are the lies that you have believed in the past? Which verses combat those lies?

by Claire Colvin
Used by Permission

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