What's Next?

"God is faithful (reliable, trustworthy,
and therefore ever true to His promise,
and He can be depended on);
by Him you were called into
companionship and participation
with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord." 

                                                1 Cor. 1:9



For all of us Covid halted our lives in March 2020 with two brief resumptions of normality. For me, we’d barely left that when I had my second cancer diagnosis.  By March this year, the world began to be shaken by the Ukraine invasion, which has brought into jeopardy energy sources across the world.  

At home our Parliament has been, and still is in chaos now with new Prime Minister, a financial fiasco where the Chancellor of the Exchequer was forced to resign, and she might be going the same way.  I was six when the Elizabethan era began, and so my life has run parallel to the Queen’s time on the throne. As a country, indeed the world, is questioning ‘what next?’   

The one thing remains the same is that our God is the King of Kings who neither slumbers, nor sleeps. Google informs me we have entered the Carolean era, named during Charles II reign. Personally, I think Charleston or Charleton would have been more fitting! My hope is that having waited so long, Charles will have the wisdom and faith of his mother which was seen and heard throughout her reign.

At twenty-five the Queen vowed before God to dedicated her life to the country, and at the same age I dedicated my life to that same God.  It is my Jubilee Year, and it is good to look back, as it is now obvious the Lord prepared me since childhood to be a writer. Once a fortnight, first with my mother, then on my tricycle, I’d go the mile to the local library starting with. Enid Blyton's books eg The Famous Five, Mallory Towers, along with Grimms Fairytales, Worsel Gummidge, and Black Beauty. Around ten my favourite was the heroic character ‘Blackshirt’ by Bruce Graeme.  My mother as a girl had read the stories, and I wonder, if Ian Fleming writing in 1952 had Blackshirt as his inspiration for the first James Bond novel.

It was that I can see began to develop my desire to write.  My mother wrote diaries, her brother, at the age I am now, wrote his memoirs, and had a few printed, I have one on my bookshelf.  My grand-daughters like writing stories so perhaps the writing bug was in our genes even further back than that. For me writing is as exciting as reading a good book that I can’t out guess. In the writing zone, I find I am typing faster just to know what will happen next!

Today my bookshelves are filled with the more popular writers of the day, whose books I can't put down and write in a genre I enjoy. Reading inspires me, brings interest and knowledge. One stands out by Lesley Pearce.  A fictional story about the Gold Rush in Alaska that was imbedded with truth.  It’s a large book to carry, but I read it on the plane and as we cruised around Alaska.  It brought a whole new dimension to the early settlers, and the lives they forged out for themselves. One of Lesley's characters  running a bar for the prospectors was true, the building preserved for people to visit, and so much smaller than I imagined!

Yet again. I realise whatever we write, be it fiction or non-fiction, if truth is imbedded in it, then it  sparks life, and a greater understanding of the world we live in..

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