Where Do You Score on the Gratitude Scale?

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Are you a grumbler or grateful? It's a question that requires some introspection. Does your mind gravitate towards what's good and what's working or do you first focus on problems and the next set of challenges to overcome?

God's instruction is for us to give "thanks always and for everything to God the Father" (Ephesians 5:20). But, remembering this and being consistent in our expression of gratitude may not be our natural pattern. Nurturing a grateful heart can take practice!

To determine where you land on a spectrum from grateful to grumbling take the short quiz below. Record your response of either (A) or (B) for each question. At the end, tally your responses and learn where you can improve by increasing your focus on God's blessings.

  1. Do you more often (A) remember God’s blessings in your life or (B) forget them?
  2. When things don’t go your way, do you typically respond (A) in gratitude or (B) by grumbling?
  3. Do you see thanksgiving as (A) an essential spiritual rhythm for Christians or (B) something that’s great to do when you remember it but unnecessary?
  4. Would you say you tell God thanks (A) daily or (B) less than daily?
  5. Is thanksgiving (A) a significant part of your prayer life or (B) a small part of it?
  6. Would you describe yourself as more often (A) content or (B) discontent?
  7. As you go throughout your day, do you usually (A) have eyes open to reasons for giving thanks around you or (B) not see many things to give thanks for?
  8. Do you tend to rehearse (A) God’s generosity and goodness or (B) what seems unfair?
  9. Do you (A) often tell others reasons you’re grateful or (B) rarely talk about why you’re grateful?
  10. When you see things others have that you don’t, do you (A) rest in what God has given you or (B) struggle with jealousy?
  11. If you were to list reasons for gratitude, would it be (A) a long list and easy to come up with things to give thanks for or (B) a short list and hard to think of many things?
  12. Is practicing thanksgiving (A) a regular part of your life or (B) an irregular part of your life?
  13. Do you (A) have a place or way of intentionally recording reasons for gratitude or (B) not have a place or way to intentionally record reasons for gratitude?
  14. When circumstances are difficult, do you (A) still find things to be thankful for or (B) stop giving thanks altogether?
  15. When you think about thanksgiving, do you (A) tell God thanks or (B) feel grateful but not actually tell God thanks?

Total up how many times you circled (A).

If you recorded (A) SEVEN OR FEWER TIMES, then grumbling likely feels more natural than gratitude for you. If that’s you, don’t be discouraged. The book The Grumbler's Guide to Giving Thanks provides practical help to begin taking small steps away from grumbling and toward giving thanks.

If you recorded (A) MORE THAN SEVEN BUT LESS THAN FIFTEEN TIMES, then you likely practice giving thanks with some regularity, but you know your heart often strays toward ingratitude.The Grumbler's Guide to Giving Thanks can help you grow further and deeper in appreciation.

If you recorded (A) FIFTEEN TIMES, then you’re either an expert who has mastered gratitude or you lack self-awareness. You may still benefit from reading The Grumbler's Guide.

Request your copy of The Grumbler's Guide to Giving Thanks today when you donate to Truth For Life.

Content taken from The Grumbler's Guide to Giving Thanks by Dustin Crowe published by Moody Publishing, 2020

The Grumbler's Guide to Giving Thanks

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