What's Next? Part 2

"Now faith is the assurance
(the confirmation, the title deed)
of the things [we] hope for,
being the proof of things
[we] do not see and
the conviction of their reality
[faith perceiving as real fact
what is not revealed to the senses"

                         Hebrew 11:1

Many good fiction books have been written, but why, for example do certain books have many editions and film remakes, when there are thousands of other novels written in that genre?  The most recent is the film of Jane Austin’s ‘Persuasion’. Also finding her unpublished and unfinished book ‘Bridgerton’ a script writer completed it as a TV drama. Due to its popularity a second series was written and filmed, along with the possibility of a third.  

It is sixty years ago Ian Fleming’s first book, Casino Royale was published, and James Bond's popularity continues. Batman and Superman who evolved from comic strips have long outlived their authors. And Superman recently moved to a new realm, married to Lois with two boys one who is developing his powers.  We live in a generation of television with its soaps, dramas, and, films, yet it seems rare to see an adaptation from any of today's popular authors. I wonder why.  

I love setting scenes and writing dialogue so maybe I have set out on the wrong path. Once I have finished the Hearts Desire series of six books, maybe I should turn them into scripts! 

However, I take heart that Google informs us that two million books are sold a day, around 85,000 per hour. Only a few of us can hope to sell more than five hundred, but it does make me ask why aren't more popular the books of today made into films?

There is, of course, the unprecedented success of J K Rowling, who after many rejections has sold over twenty-seven million in the UK, and five hundred million worldwide having been translated into seventy languages!  And, from the first book caught the interest of film makers What makes it popular?  Is it the age-old battle between evil v. good, or the introduction of magical powers to win the battles?

The Bible shows that God’s power far outweighs any of man’s practises?  In knowing the Holy Spirit's power which is within us, under the Lord's direction we can use and develop our lives into an adventure full of surprises.

As God’s adopted children, and in the anointing and authority invested in us, we are told if we walk by faith, we can speak into being those things which are not. By faith I am sure all of us are living and writing with the aim to display the Kingdom of God being manifested on earth.  Good and evil vie for supremacy, and we know our God has the victory.  As we release our understanding, revelation, peace and the truth imbedded within us, we can declare our words will set mankind free.

I conclude God knows who we meet, whose hands our books will pass through before they are consigned to the rubbish tip.  May the gift and skills within us, bring forth laughter, tears, and a desire to know more about the Father God who promises never to leave or forsake us.

Be encouraged fellow writers, the waiting is nearly over, God is on the move and let's see what He does next.


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