Alert and Committed

“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13 [NASB])

We have entered January 2023. Have you remained committed to your objectives and goals so far?

We each are weak and fail in some of our goals in life whether it be to eat better, exercise more, be aware and help the needy, read our Bibles and pray, or be a better family member. Each of us proved ourselves unfaithful to our own goals and objectives at some point already this year. We are human – fallible and sinful.

Paul closed his first letter to the Corinthians reminding and encouraging them to be alert and stand firm in the faith. He told them to be cautious to keep the faith and be active in their faith – put into action their love for God by obeying Him.

Paul also encouraged and reminded them to act like men and be strong. They were to be brave like men and take a stand for God. Since the Corinthian believers came from the midst of a Gentile (non-Jewish) background and were surrounded by a pantheon of gods worshiped by their neighbors and the Roman Empire, it would be easy to slip back into their old ways. Paul challenged and encouraged them to be like brave and strong men and take a stand for Christ in their lives. Even when everyone around them worshiped other gods and ridiculed them, stand brave and strong in their faith in Jesus Christ, Paul instructed.

Considering what Paul wrote to the Corinthian Christians, how active is your faith? Do you stand firm when others around you do not live a Christian life or when they mock yours? Are you strong in your faith in the face of ridicule, slander, and persecution?

Paul was no stranger to persecution. He was a prime example for the Corinthian Christians on what it looks like to be active, firm, brave, and strong in the faith.

  • Will you listen to and receive encouragement from Paul to be active in your faith?
  • Will you stand firm in your faith in Jesus Christ today, tomorrow, next week?
  • Will you be brave in the face of adversity and be strong in your faith in God?

Stay committed to God.

He is committed to you.

By Gail Davis
Used by Permission

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